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Half Shocks - Black

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Adult One Size
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The softest shorts in the perfect length with a high waistband that stays put. I bet you didn't know all three could coexist!

With fit, comfort and style to last your longest dance days, Half Shocks will become your go-to shorts!  Seamless construction gently hugs your curves with the most danceable fit imaginable.  Now all there is to do is obsessively track the package!

Paired with 50/50 Tank in Watermelon. Modeled by dancers! TIGRL Lillian, SYTYCD/High School Musical dancer Stephani Sosa, and TF COO Logan Bigler. 


  • Authentic milled seamless ribbed fabric
  • Perfect in-between length
  • Comfort-fit and impeccable cut
  • Maximum stretch and recovery for easy on-and-off
  • Specialized thread for strength and durability

Tiger Friday Seamless is sold as Adult One Size. The unique process of seamless construction gives the support and stretch necessary for bodies AXS-AXL. See product photos for size references. All models are wearing Adult One Size. Trust us - it will fit and you might never want to take it off!

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