Giving Back is Fierce and Free.

For each sale made this week, Tiger Friday will donate a leotard to a child in need.

Here at Tiger Friday, we feel blessed.  Blessed by health, abilities, success, family, friends, dance(!) and so much more.  We feel so blessed that we absolutely must share what we can, and try to help bless others.

We have teamed up with some amazing non-profit dance programs throughout the country who devote their time educating dancers with special needs.  Whether it be (dis)abilities or economic needs - these incredible people offer dance classes at little to no cost to their students.  They are always looking for donations to help their programs continue and thrive.

During this season of giving, we knew that it was our turn to give. For each order made this week - we will donate a Tiger Friday leotard to these programs - for them to use for class, costuming, and generally making these kids feel FIERCE! You know that feeling when you put on your new TF?... that's the one.  We can hardly WAIT to see these kids receive their own beautiful Tiger Friday leos!

Help us help these kids! This week your order can make you feel fierce, free and philanthropic. <3

(And don't worry, we will update you *as allowed* with photos and videos of the items being delivered to these amazing programs! That will be the BEST part!)


*One leotard will be donated for every unique order over $50. Tiger Friday will donate up to $8,000 retail value to the special needs programs. No tax deductions will be available for customers.  Program names, individual images and locations will be shared at the discretion of the programs. Sale ends 12/11/19 or when the donation threshold is met.