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Talented, safe, "tried and true" - we have hand-selected these photographers to help connect the dance community with someone they can trust.  


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Tiger Friday Studio and Branding Photo Partner (Utah)

Michael Scott

Snapshot: SLC Area | @michaelscottphotographs | creative and colorful | assistantmsp@gmail.com
Michael is a professional photographer from Utah.  His work for headshots is second-to-none, and his creative direction was what attracted Tiger Friday to his work.  He is a lighting and editing master, a makeup genius, and most of all - someone who makes everyone he shoots feel confident, comfortable, and look their absolute best.  Tiger Friday started using Michael two years ago and have never looked back.  He's not only a phenomenal photographer, but the most amazing human we know.  Whether you need a killer headshot, movement shots, indoor or outdoor shots, a makeup artist, Michael is the full package. We are so lucky to have him on our team!  Michael currently lives in West Valley with his husband and two darling pups.  You can book your session at mscottphotography.com

Tiger Friday Lifestyle Photo Partner (Utah)

Chanae Goodman

Snapshot: SLC Area | @1.1.9_photography | bright and crisp | chanaegoodman@gmail.com

Chanae is a natural light photographer based in Utah.  She burst onto the Utah dance photography scene and Bree immediately noticed her for the crisp, clean, colorful vibe her edits have.  After one Tiger Friday photoshoot, they knew they had something special.  Chanae is now our exclusive Lifestyle Branding photographer, taking care of the outdoor, natural light photos you see us use.  She has an extensive dance background that helps her understand the nuances of technique in her photos, and she is a posing master!  She will give you the coolest shapes to make sure your dance photography isn't just crisp and clean - but creative too!  Chanae lives in Utah with her husband, daughter and two sons.You can book your session with Chanae at 119-photography.com 


Rob Harper

Snapshot: Phoenix | @hdp_dance | clean & dreamy | harperdigitalphotography@gmail.com   Hi there! I'm Rob Harper of Harper Digital Photography located in Phoenix.  You may know me as @hdp_dance on Instagram.  Although based in AZ I love to travel and hold shoots in different states. A little bit about me…I am a total #girldad with three daughters and two granddaughters, all of whom are dancers. My journey into dance photography started by chance…It began with me posting dance photos of my daughters on Facebook, which lead to studio shoots, high school dance company shoots, hundreds of clients and now a partnership with Tiger Friday! I feel so grateful for this opportunity! I love photography and photographing people. In addition to dance I also shoot headshots, editorial, senior photos and family photos. My other work can be found on Instagram site @Harperdigitalphotography Thank you!


Christina Long

Snapshot: NorCal | @bellajeanphotographyyy | bright & styled | bellajeanphotographyyy@gmail.com
Hi there! My name is Christina Long and I'm from Northern California. I started my love for photography several years ago when my boys played sports. Fast forward several years later and here I am behind the lens again. This time with my dancer and her amazing dance friends. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy encouraging others to do what they love! Make sure to check out my travel dates. @bellajeanphotographyyy I would love to meet you! 
XOXO Christina 

Colorado | Florida

Leticia Rodriguez

Snapshot: Colorado + Florida | @rod.images | earthy & contemporary | leticiarod@live.com
Hi there, my name is Leticia. I am a photographer based out of Colorado/Florida! I’ve always had a passion for photography! My journey started when my daughter, Ayla (@ayla.rodriguez) started dancing. I truly enjoy what I do and love capturing those moments behind the lens. I am extremely grateful to work with so many amazing dancers and dance companies around the world. Be sure to check out my work on Instagram @rod.images and give me a follow.


Kaylee Kintz

Snapshot: Colorado - Travels | @kaylee_kintz_photography | Bright & Colorful | kayleekintzphotography@gmail.com
Kaylee has had a passion for photography from a young age. She began her professional career in photography in 2016, specializing in the field of dance. She has personally been dancing since the age of two and competing since the age of six. She is a National Champion dancer and has been featured on ESPN with a personal interview. Kaylee has 15 years of experience as a teacher and choreographer. She currently holds 5 different regional Choreography Awards and 1 National award! Having a background in the arts allows her to creatively pose your child and capture proper technique in each image.  Clients have told her that it feels like they are receiving a private lesson during their shoot! Kaylee relocated to Denver, Colorado in 2020 but travels often to shoot with dancers across the country. kayleekintzphotography.com


Lianna Mendez

Snapshot: Miami | @3Lphotography_ | colorful & bright | liannamendez98@icloud.com  Hi! My name is Lianna! I am the face of @3Lphotography_  -  I am a dance and portrait photographer based in Miami, Florida. My experience in dance goes beyond 10 years. I am currently working as a dance instructor during the week and a photographer during the weekends. I fell in love with the art of dance since before I started dancing and decided to continue and turn it into my career! I am currently in my last year of college, I will be graduating with a Bachelor degree in art and photography. As a dancer and teacher I am capable of getting creative and making the dancers I work with feel confident! My biggest dream is to inspire those who love art, dance and photography! I hope that we can get to work together soon, create amazing memories, and capture amazing pictures of course!

Steve Duncan

Snapshot: Miami Area | @steve_d_photo | clean & bright | scdunca1@gmail.com My Name is Steve D and I am a professional dance and lifestyle photographer based here in sunny South Florida (MIAMI - ORLANDO - TAMPA).  I am a proud Dance Dad and love shooting on location as well as in studio.  I love creating unique shots that showcase the best the dancer can be.  I am excited to partner with Tiger Friday and look forward to working together! 



Alex Kay

Snapshot: Idaho-SLC | @everydaykay.dance | bold & creative | everyday.kay@yahoo.com I’m Alex Kay! The one behind the lens of Everyday Kay Photography! I was born and raised in Las Vegas and now live in Boise, Idaho with my husband and 4 kiddos. I danced when I was little and again in high school and college for a short time! After having children I took my passion for dance into photography when my daughter (@addilynn.faith) started dancing, but it wasn’t until I moved to Boise and started the EDK program that I truly fell in love with capturing the beauty of dancers and bringing the dance community together!  Everyday Kay started from the thought of, when you have passion, it’s something you live for every day, work hard for every day, and love every second of every day! I love capturing that incredible passion that dancers have (and my middle name is Kay) so Everyday Kay was born! Although I may not be able to do a grand battement or firebird anymore, I can certainly make sure I capture them! So let me capture some magic for you! Just go to www.everydaykayphotography.com 


Julianna Dagati

Snapshot: Boston | @julianna.d.photography | saturated & moody | julianna.d.photography@gmail.com
Hi! I'm Julianna D! I'm a 22 year old professional dance photographer located on the east coast. I travel quite frequently and shoot with thousands of different dancers from all over the united states! I myself am a dancer and have modeled for a variety of different dancewear brands. My passion for photography began after being in front of the camera. I am a self taught photographer who loves to bring out the best in the dance industry and would love to bring out the best in you! www.juliannadphotography.com/


Rachel Noel

Snapshot: Minnesota | @rachelnoelstudios | clean & earthy | rachelnoelstudio@gmail.com     Hello! I'm Rachel, a 26 year old photographer based just south of the Twin Cities. I have lived here for nearly ten years, now with my husband and three children (two of the three being fluffy-four-pawed family members!) Being a college level gymnast, my appreciation for artistry in athletics is larger than most. Now being on the other side of the camera for athletes is letting me express my passions in a new way...by capturing yours! I am so grateful my job has brought me to photographing the most passionate and talented athletes in the state of Minnesota, and look forward to crossing paths with more.  rachelnoelstudios.com 


Angelina Dorogi

Snapshot: Las Vegas | @studiojoliedance | bright & clean | studiojoliedance@gmail.com

Hey there! I’m Angelina of Studio Jolie Dance - a professional dance, fashion and portrait photographer from Las Vegas, NV. I have technical training as a commercial photographer and I continue to practice ballet, en pointe, weekly. My dance training allows me to anticipate the best capture and I can catch any jump or leap in one shot. I also travel frequently to meet and photograph the best dancers from all over. Check out more of my work at www.studiojoliedance.com.

New York

Julia Rose

Snapshot: Upstate NY | @juliarosephotography | colorful & bright | photojuliarose@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Julia Rose, I am a 23 year old professional dance photographer based out of Upstate NY. I have been in the dance industry ever since I could remember and then continued on in my studies at Point Park University where I studied dance as well as a minor in Photography.   I am now a dance instructor at multiple different studios in the capital region during the week and a dance photographers on the weekend. I am so blessed to have this wonderful job that allows me to travel across the United States and meet the most talented dancers. Hopefully one day I will be able to capture your dancer’s artistry in movement! 

North Carolina

Weslie Woodley

Snapshot: North Carolina | @wesliewoodleyphoto @thedancephotographyexperience | rich & creative | wesliewoodley@gmail.com

Weslie is an international award winning photographer based in Charlotte, NC.  Weslie’s background as a professional stage actress was the inspiration to branch into dance photography.   She loves creating dramatic, unique and beautiful images for her clients.  She created The Dance Photography Experience to dance photography to all dancers in a safe environment. You can see more of her work at wesliewoodleyphoto.com


Morgan Droll

Snapshot: Oklahoma | @morgandrollphoto | crisp & light | morgan@morgandrollphoto.com
Hi! I'm Morgan of Morgan Droll Photography. I have a passion for dance photography.  I am based out of Tulsa Oklahoma, but travel often. I enjoy working with dancers because each dancer is unique and brings different things to photoshoots, plus I get to showcase their individual talents. I have previously worked for and traveled with a dance competition for two seasons as a photographer, before expanding my own clientele. Be sure to follow me on instagram @morgandrollphoto and check out other work on my website, morgandrollphoto.com

South Carolina

Jessica Benton

Snapshot: South Carolina | @jessicabentonphotography | warm & earthy | jessicabentonphotog@gmail.com
Hi, I'm Jessica Benton, a portrait photographer that has recently discovered a passion for dance photography.  With my daughter dancing competitively, I have witnessed phenomenal talents and captured gorgeous images for dancers here in South Carolina.  I am drawn to documentary style portrait sessions, so capturing the movement and musicality of dance fits perfectly with my natural style.  My love for photography started by capturing my oldest daughter, I wanted to be able to cherish every moment of her life (and now siblings too!) - now I am able to share my talents with others to create beautiful works of art to remember cherished moments forever.  I am so excited to grow as an artist and share my passion with Tiger Friday!


Kate Lewis

Snapshot: Austin, Texas | @katelewisphotos | earthy & dreamy | katelewisphotos1@gmail.com Hi! My name is Kate Lewis of KateLewisPhotos and I am from Austin, Texas. I recently turned 18 and I am a senior in high school. I’ve been dancing since I was 2, competitively since I was 9, and I absolutely love everything to do with dance! I only began my photography journey within the last year, but am so grateful for where it’s taken me thus far and all the people it’s allowed me to meet and work with! I am so happy that I get to combine my love of dance with something I’m equally passionate about. I am so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to create magic with Tiger Friday! 


Allison Day Meyer

Snapshot: North Virginia | @ally_day_photography | bold & creative |  allydayphotography@gmail.com    I’m Allison Day Meyer of Ally Day Photography. I’m a born and raised Northern Virginia native, with a brief stint in Richmond while I attended Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I’ve always had a love of the arts; I began dancing as soon as I could walk and went on to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Dance and Choreography from VCU. During the day I’m a dance instructor for several dance studios. I LOVE telling stories through movement and have decided to take my talents off the stage and behind the camera. As an instructor, I can help come up with fun and creative poses that show off dancers personal strengths. My passion for the arts transcends into my photography in the way I capture moments and movements. I bring enthusiasm to all my sessions and take pride in making this a wonderful experience for everyone! I can’t wait to work with you and capture moments you will cherish for a lifetime!   


Collette Mruk

Snapshot: Washington + travels | @collettemruk | crisp + moody | info@collettemruk.com - Hey! I'm Collette Mruk. I recently relocated to Washington State but I often travel to California, New York and Florida. I've been a dance photographer for 10+ years. While I was never a dancer myself I love creating art with dancers and regularly find myself hiking to a waterfall, climbing a mountain or flying off to Iceland to do what I call my "Adventure Sessions".  When I'm not photographing It's all about family time with my husband, our two college aged daughters, their significant others and spoiling our cute little Boston Terrier Pups as we discover all the beauty our new state has to offer!  

Costa Rica

Carlos Belgoderi

Snapshot: Costa Rica | @2pirphoto | moody & studio |  carlos@2pirphoto.com Very happy to be with Tiger Friday and to share this space with such talented photographers and dancers. My name is Carlos Belgoderi, born in Caracas, Venezuela, but with Argentine family and nationality as well. I’ve been happily married to my soul mate for 25 years with two incredible daughters, one of them, a passionate dancer. I have lived my last 15 years in a beautiful country, full of beautiful, talented people and a lot of nature and it is the one that opened the opportunities for me to show this passion, Costa Rica. I sign my works with the name of "2 pi R" with a philosophy that everything in our lives are cycles, and we must make the most of them. I have been dedicated to dance photography for approximately 5 years, participating in festivals, shows, workshops, competitions, and of course personal sessions. If relates to dance, I want to hear about your project. I have photographed dancers in different cities of the world, and I can't travel without having a dance project in mind. I enjoy meeting dancers around the world and opening up to new opportunities.

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