Year of the Tiger

While many of us ring in the new year by counting down on December 31, most members of Asian communities celebrate their new beginning during Lunar New Year, beginning February 1 in 2022. Lunar New Year is often known or referred to as Chinese New Year, which lasts 15 days of the first month of the lunar calendar. Lunar New Year is also celebrated across Asia and Southeast Asia in Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, Tibet, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
One of the most popular Lunar New Year traditions is that of little red envelopes stuffed with "lucky money". When visiting older relatives, the younger generations are usually gifted cash in these red envelopes. This cash is considered a tradition to start the new year with luck and prosperity.
In the rotation of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, 2022 is the year of the TIGER - which, naturally, we here at Tiger Friday must celebrate! The Tiger symbolizes bravery, confidence and boldness - all things we strive to be at Tiger Friday.
To celebrate - each order made between January 31-February 15 will contain a lucky red envelope containing a discount or gift card.  Discounts range from 10%-30% off a future order; and for 5 extra lucky customers, gift cards between $100-$250 will be found in their lucky envelope!
Here's to a year full of all the good Tiger qualities, good luck and prosperity.
What will you find in your envelope? #YearOfTheTiger