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Leopard Shocks - Chili


Adult One Size
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The softest bikers with our custom seamless woven-in leopard print.  It really doesn't get better than our Leopard Shocks!


With fit, comfort and style to last your longest dance days, Leopard Shocks will become your go-to shorts!  Seamless construction gently hugs your curves with the most danceable fit imaginable.  Now all there is to do is obsessively track the package!


Paired with Leopard Buttah Bra in Watermelon and Chili.

Product Features

Authentic milled seamless ribbed fabric

Perfect "in between" length

Comfort-fit and impeccable cut

Maximum stretch and recovery for easy on-and-off

Specialized thread for strength and durability

    Fit Guide

    Tiger Friday Seamless is sold as Adult One Size. The unique process of seamless construction gives the support and stretch necessary for bodies AXS-AXL.


    See product photos for size references. All models are wearing Adult One Size. Trust us - it will fit and you might never want to take it off!


    Modeled by dancers! TIGRL Kylee, SYTYCD/High School Musical dancer Stephani Sosa, and TF COO Logan Bigler.