Wings has dropped.

Flying into your wardrobe

The most iconic TF design ever
Did you hear?

More colors now available!

...literally need all three.

Bold and Beautiful

Hey, Gorgeous!

If you’re looking for BASIC, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Boring dancewear? Time for an upgrade.

Limited time
Tiger Take Two
BOGO deal - because one TF
just isn't enough!
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Tiger Street
Get to class with CLASS.
Streetwear for the FIERCE and FREE
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Why "Fierce and free"?
Here's Our Story
Time to join the movement.
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Just say NO

Boring dancewear is SO Monday.

Isn't it time your dancewear is as bold and unique as YOU?

Our Theory

We believe dancers deserve better. To be an artist wearing art. No limits, no boring.

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