SHATTER their expectations



your ride-or-die for that SLAY ALL DAY feeling.


Silvermarine Honey makes an entrance
Her Highness has arrived

Laventeal Honey Uni

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Are you a

Regal Rebel?

Hold on to your halos - Navy Cathedral is here!

Hello, Gorgeous.

Feel (fierce and) Free to browse around... your new favorite leo is about to find you!

And make sure you don't forget to check out out streetwear and accessories- so you can get to class with CLASS.

Limited time
Tiger Take Two
BOGO deal - because one TF
just isn't enough!
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Tiger Street
Get to class with CLASS.
Streetwear for the FIERCE and FREE
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Why "Fierce and free"?
Here's Our Story
Time to join the movement.
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Just say NO

Boring dancewear is SO Monday.

Isn't it time your dancewear is as bold and unique as YOU?

Our Theory

We believe dancers deserve better. To be an artist wearing art. No limits, no boring.

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