Tiger Friday (re)Purpose Program

Tiger Friday gift cards for donating your retired dancewear? Actually! That's exactly what the Tiger Friday (re)Purpose program allows you to do! Together we can make #fierceandfree even more accessible, sustainable and philanthropic. Read on to see how you can join the (re)Purpose movement!

Create Account

Create/login to your Tiger Friday account to access your (re)Purpose dashboard. Here you can submit new donations, view previous donations, and have a look at your gift cards!

Submit Donations

Gather any dancewear that you're ready to part with and enter the product information—max 4 items at a time—into our system. Package your donation in a TF green (re)Purpose bag or a similar sealed poly bag.

Ship Donations

After entering all the required information, you can now create a pre-paid shipping label. Print the label, attach the label to the bag, and send your donated dancewear to us!

Receive Gift Card

Once we receive and inspect your donated products, you'll be sent an email containing your TF gift card. View your gift cards on your (re)Purpose dashboard and redeem them at tigerfriday.com

Gift Card Value

Your (re)Purpose gift card amount will depend on the brand, type and condition of goods donated. Our team is eager to inspect your donated goods and get you the highest possible credit.

What Next?

Donated Tiger Friday brand products of exceptional quality will be laundered and re-sold in the (pre)Loved collection on our site. All other dancewear products—or TF products that do not meet the (pre)Loved quality standard—will be donated to dancers in need.

It's as simple as that!

We can't wait to see your gently used dancewear help someone else feel #fierceandfree


Donate Now!

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