About Us

Hey there! We at Tiger Friday want you to know-

We believe in feeling Fierce and Free.
We are inspired by the individuality of dancers all around us.  We believe that they deserve dancewear as fabulous as they are!
We believe that when you look like a rock star, you feel like a rock star, you dance like a rock star.
And that training hard and being dedicated doesn’t have to look boring.
We believe dancers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and that no two dancers are alike nor should they try to be! Your nonconformity is what defines you, and we say – Heck yeah! You do you, unapologetically.
We admire the dancers across the world who give definition to “Fierce and Free”.  Fierce as a tiger and free from the weekday conformity.  We love watching them express themselves with confidence.
Be driven, be unique, be fearless. Be Tiger Friday.


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